Positive affirmations for the new school year

Thinking positively will help you believe in the your dreams. By repeating phrases to yourself, you will turn your thoughts into words and eventually into actions. Below is a list of affirmations that we love but you can choose your own too. Why not write your affirmations down and keep them with you so that you can look at them everyday. Let us know how you get on.

1. I have a healthy body and a great mind

2. I will not let negative people, thoughts or actions bring me down

3. My friendships are strong. They are based on trust, confidence and loyalty

4. I will surround myself with positive people, thoughts and actions

5. I trust myself to make the right decisions

6.  This school year I will learn, grow and enjoy

7. I am confident and I stand up for myself

8. I aim to eat healthy food and exercise

9. I love myself with all my little imperfections

10. I respect my family, friends and teachers