Meet the Teachers

Angie Beadle, Registered Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance

I started practising yoga at the age of 15 and I loved it immediately! Yoga let me forget about the pressures and stresses of being a teenager.

Yoga was refreshing because it wasn’t competitive, it was just me and my mat! I explored my body’s flexibility through stretching and challenged it with strengthening poses, but the best part of the class was flipping everything upside down in handstand or shoulderstand. Relaxation at the end of the class was great too but I found it difficult to be still and quiet!  Over time yoga helped me understand my body and embrace the changes it was going through; I learnt to respect it and to listen to it.

In 2000 I qualified as an Iyengar yoga teacher and I was the youngest teacher in the UK at that time. From there I studied with ‘The Iyengar Family’ in Pune, India and went on to run my own yoga studio in Sevilla, Spain. Since then I have moved on from the Iyengar method and developed my own personalised style of yoga teaching.

When I returned to the UK in 2009 I trained as a children’s yoga teacher. I then specialised in yoga for teenagers and secondary school pupils, becoming the in-house yoga instructor for Guildford High School. Yoga Rebels still teaches over 100 girls in various classes and workshops at the school.

I developed the Yoga Rebels training course specifically for teenagers. Classes are designed to be fast paced, fun and challenging but with plenty of relaxation time to ensure the stresses of teenage life ebb away.

I want Yoga Rebels students to feel that their yoga class is a haven of peace, fun and healthy experimentation.


Anna Kopke, Teaches Ashtanga style of yoga. I turned to yoga to find the calm and stamina I needed to teach high school students; I’ve been practising and teaching yoga in Cape Town and London for over five years. Iyengar yoga laid the foundations of my alignment and brought my awareness to the detail of each posture.I trained under Jim Harrington in Cape Town, whose interest in sports yoga gave me a strong understanding of the physiological benefits of asana and an interest in adapting yoga classes for athletes.Having worked with young people in secondary schools for nearly ten years, I was inspired to introduce my students to yoga as a way for them to connect with their bodies and to find a place of calm in their frenetic, demanding lives. Although my own practice is Ashtanga-based, I incorporate softer yin, hatha and vinyasa yoga into my classes to create flowing, playful sequences. I try to keep my classes fun as well as physically challenging and relaxing. I also incorporate music, pranayama and visualisation into my teaching so that students feel uplifted and full of energy after each class.

Fiona Young teaches the Ashtanga style of yoga. I’ve been practicing Ashtanga yoga for 10 years and I continue to learn under the guidance of UK’s only certified Ashtanga teacher as well as spending time in Mysore, India at the Ashtanga Yoga Institute. I trained to teach Ashtanga through Yoga Alliance UK and completed my Teen Yoga training with Charlotta Martinus. Yoga is a big part of my life and I practice Ashtanga every day. Whilst Ashtanga is a strong physical practice it is the positive changes it creates in the mind and nervous system of the practitioner that are so remarkable.I discovered yoga at the ripe old age of 24 but soon realised that the earlier you start the better! Yoga would have helped me enormously in my teens. I love to see the way yoga helps my teen students manage stress and anxiety whilst giving them confidence, strength and self-belief. When they master postures they thought were impossible they see that anything is possible. Just believe and breathe! My aim is to create a positive and uplifting experience for teens in class that will stay with them when the leave the mat. I hope my classes will introduce them to an invaluable life skill that they can continue with into adulthood.

Jody Thompson, Teaches Ashtanga style of yoga. My love and practice of yoga started in 1999.  I soon progressed into teaching at Surrey University in 2003 and became a registered yoga teacher at the 500 hour (RYT500) level in 2006 with Yoga Alliance.

I find yoga a great way to maintain and develop my body as well as my brain and I think the earlier we start with this program, the easier it is for us to keep it going. I love life and sports and often spend my weekends playing golf, horse riding, jet skiing and running. I can thank yoga for this; without it I simply wouldn’t have the stamina!  I see yoga as a gift and I feel lucky to be able to teach it. Namaste.

Flavia Munn has been practising yoga for around 15 years, and qualified as a yoga teacher in 2014. She first took to yoga as a physical practice to support her long-distance running, but soon discovered its benefits to mental health and wellbeing. When yoga helped her to overcome a period of anxiety, Flavia was hooked. This experience led her to pursue teacher training with YogaCampus in London.

Flavia teaches dynamic hatha yoga in workplaces and community settings, and is also a registered teen yoga and mindfulness teacher. She is also qualified to teach a breath awareness meditation technique, which is similar to modern mindfulness practices.

Flavia combines teaching yoga with a career as a freelance health journalist, and is a regular health and wellbeing blogger. She is also a fundraiser for the mental health charity Mind, and a volunteer with the Teen Yoga Foundation, which supports the wellbeing of young people through yoga practice, research and events.