About Us

Yoga Rebels aims to provide a fun, inspiring, dynamic and relaxing style of yoga that helps teenagers and young people manage the challenges that they meet at school and in their lives generally. Managing these challenges can help teens and young people find a personal balance which can bring huge benefits; to them and the people around them.

Yoga Rebels’ classes are run for groups in secondary schools or as one-to-one sessions. If you would like a class or a workshop at your school or a one-to-one session, get in touch with us here

We currently run the following classes at a number of secondary schools, academies and colleges in and around London, Surrey and Kent.

  • Breakfast club yoga and relaxation techniques
  • Lunchtime yoga and relaxation techniques
  • Yoga and relaxation classes as a school led activity
  • Yoga workshops
  • Pre-exam de-stressing sessions